Welcome our baby sister, Cantina41

Seven years have past since the opening of Osso Buco. It has been a wonderful journey. However, after listening to our young customers (including our two sons) who nowadays have a great knowledge of food, we realised that our restaurant was a treat to them. They felt that Weybridge needed a casual eatery, with a fast & friendly service offering consistent good quality food. Thanks to the loyalty of our staff and being sure of their support, combined with the luck of a premises becoming available in Church Street, we decided to make our journey even more wonderful by creating Osso Buco's baby sister, Cantina41. Originally aimed at the younger generation it evolved into a comfortable eatery for all ages. An authentic wood-fired pizza oven, a pasta making machine, lots of ideas and the freshest of top quality Italian ingredients. If you have enjoyed dining with us at Osso Buco, we would love you to experience Cantina41.

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